Types of Tile

Varieties of tile and stone exist to suit every taste and budget. A sense of luxury, culture and character is achieved with the use of tile and stone. The purely functional is transformed into the beautiful, using plain, glossy, or patterned porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, limestone and dozens of other styles

Some Common types of tile we offer



Long wearing, ceramic tile will not fade or discolor. It is a man-made, kiln fired clay product. The varied colors, textures and designs of ceramic tile provide unlimited design options, and the durable glaze resists stains and scratches. It is often used as a wall tile since it is lighter in weight than porcelain and is available in many sizes and high gloss glazes.



Porcelain is a superior man-made product that is tough and long lasting. It is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, which results in a denser product with less than 0.5% water absorption. The body is usually a white clay material which may be through body (color goes all the way through) or glazed (color is fired on the surface). It is resistant to chipping and some porcelains are freeze/ thaw resistant. It can be used on floors, walls and countertops and is available in a multitude of colors, sizes and finishes.



Marble is a metamorphic stone with distinct veining throughout, resulting in unique and interesting patterns. Carrara marble is the best known with its white background and grey veins, but marble exists in nearly every color of the rainbow. Onyx is formed from a process of crystallization and is considered part of the marble category. Both marble and onyx are vulnerable to acids that can etch the stone, so use should be considered carefully. Marble tiles come in many sizes and finishes, including tumbled, honed and polished.



Granite is a natural igneous stone which is one of the hardest natural products available. It contains several minerals and resists abrasion and scratching. It is fabricated in slabs as well as tiles and is a good product for countertops, floors and walls. It comes in many beautiful colors and a variety of patterns. It is usually polished but can also be leathered, flamed or honed.



Glass tiles are available as both field tiles and accent tiles. Their popularity has increased by leaps and bounds due to the rainbow of colors, shapes, finishes and sizes available. Their ability to reflect light adds interest to any installation, and glass compliments many different tiles and stones. Glass subway tile adds a modern flair to a traditional look, while glass and stone mosaics blend with a variety of home designs.



Slate is a natural stone,metamorphic in origin. It is a soft stone usually found in darker colors, with wide variation from piece to piece. One of its characteristics is clefting, which means it splits into thin sheets, even after installation, so this should be considered when using slate. Popular uses include floors, walls and fireplaces. Gauged slate are tiles that have been calibrated to a more uniform thickness; however, some variation will remain.



Mosaics consist of small pieces of colored stone, tile, glass, metal and other materials to create decorative designs and accents. They usually have a mesh backing to ease installation and may be sold in a strip with a specific pattern (also called a listello) or in a square foot that can be cut to the desired size. Often used in conjunction with plain field tile, mosaics can add style and color to your tile project.



Travertine is a form of limestone with unique porous veins that give the milled tile their beauty. The stone is found in a wide variety of natural colors, and four different finishes may be applied to individual tiles. Travertine has long been used in many of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Today, in addition to being an excellent flooring material, travertine tiles may also be used as pavers, counter tops, stair treads, columns, sinks, and even bathtubs.


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